Changing Your Name after Divorce

Changing your Name after Divorce

Closeup of male hand signing divorce papers.
Closeup of male hand signing divorce papers.

Many women desire to change their name after getting divorced. The rules for doing so vary in each state. Here we will look at the rules for changing your name in the state of Alabama.

The Divorce Decree

The easiest way to change your name back to your maiden name is to request it in the divorce proceedings. The judge can grant an order that restores privileges to your maiden name and divulges you of use of your married name. This decree can be used to get a new identification card, a new social security card, for post office notification and more.

If you did not ask for restoration of your maiden name during your divorce, it may be possible for a judge to modify the original order to declare your name change. This is not always possible, and usually the decision of whether to modify a divorce order is made by the judge.

Original Identification

In the state of Alabama you can also use birth certificates, old passports, social security cards, etc. to verify your identity before marriage to restore rights to your maiden name. You may be able to take this information with you to change your information with local government agencies, your place of work,

Name Change Petition

If you desire to have an official record of your name change you can get this by filing a petition for a name change in the court where the divorce took place. There is a fee for filing the motion. Usually nothing more than verification is required in order to file for a name change petition and have it granted by the judge.

Talk to a Lawyer

Chances are you have a lawyer who is assisting you with your divorce. If this is the case let the lawyer know that you wish to retain your maiden name. The lawyer can file all of the paperwork that is necessary to regain your former name as well as present it to the judge during the official divorce proceedings. As a legal expert a lawyer is always the best person to handle such matters, wiping your hands of the small details of the case.

Final Thoughts

Changing your name after a divorce in Alabama is not difficult to do. Follow the steps above if you desire to regain your maiden name after you are divorced from your spouse.

Changing Your Name after Divorce