The Do’s and the Don’ts of Getting Divorced

The Do’s and the Don’ts of Getting Divorced

Most divorces don’t end with handshakes and flower exchanges. Instead, most divorces entail heated emotions, bittersweet memories, spite, fight, and a versatile mix of additional feelings. Rather than start an unofficial UFC feud with your spouse, read the list of do’s and don’ts below and ensure that your divorce isn’t filled with stress-filled drama. When all is said and done and emotions are back in check, you’ll be happy to know that you were able to keep things together and resolve the marriage as adults should.


  • Do be cooperative as possible during the divorce.
  • Support your children, if they are involved with the divorce. Remember, this is something between you and your spouse, not the children.
  • Talk to a divorce attorney. In more situations than not, the legal expertise of an attorney can benefit the divorce proceedings in your case tremendously.
  • Do be honest and upfront about everything. When there is a good attorney on the case, the truth will eventually come to light and it will be a far bigger mess when it is learned information. In fact, it can really work against you.
  • Provide you attorney with any and all proof and documentation of your claims as possible.
  • Do pick your battles wisely. Paying an attorney $2,000 to gain possession of a $500 table set doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

Don’ts of Divorce:

  • Don’t try to represent yourself in a divorce where there are joint accounts property, and/or children involved. It is likely something far out of your expertise to properly handle. You do not want a half-complete divorce!
  • Don’t try to get the children to take sides. In fact, keep them out of the divorce as much as possible and do not allow your feelings toward your spouse affect their relationship.
  • Don’t listen to friends and family members. While they may mean well, only your attorney is qualified to make decisions in your favor.
  • Don’t become greedy!

The Bottom Line

Getting a divorce is never easy, but there are so many occasions when differences are not correctable and separation is the only answer. If that time has found its way into your relationship, put the do’s and don’ts tips above to use in your matter and enjoy a smoother, cleaner divorce where everyone walks away with a smile.

The Do’s and the Don’ts of Getting Divorced